F-CUBED is a company dedicated to the conservation, production and processing of the world’s most critical resource, water. F CUBED’s goal is to become a global leader in renewable energy water processing solutions.


A combination of various factors, such as the erratic weather patterns, undeveloped water distribution systems, lead to clean water and proper sanitation challenges and availability in vast areas of Kenya. This adversely affects the rural, and urban informal settlements’ community members socially and economically. Its estimated that close to 17 million people lack access to clean, safe drinking water, 28million do not have well improved sanitation services and a staggering 3100 children die every year before attaining age of 5yrs due to water and sanitation related illnesses. Women and children bear the brunt of these challenges as women are forced to walk long distances and children miss school as much time is used searching for water for domestic use.

Kenyans Lacking Access to Safe Water
Lack Access to Adequate Sanitation
Children Die Every Year from Diarrhoea

How it Works

The solar system receives impure water by gravity or pump into a feeder pipe at the top of the unit. The, solar energy imputes water slowly runs down the solar/collector evaporator being evenly dispersed. The solar energy heats the water; it vaporizes and then condenses on the inside of the composite plastic panel enclosure. This phase change precludes any transfer of contaminants into the pure water. Droplets of natural/purified/desalinated water run down into a pure water outlet at the bottom of the unit. The unique natural purification/desalina- tion system design enhances efficiency of clean portable water output. The design includes composite layers of the water tight panels enclosure and the surface treatment of the solar collector, as well as allowing the moist air to circulate, producing condensate on the interior front and back surfaces of the enclosing panels.,The CAROCELL panel is a flow through system. The feed water that is not evaporated continues down and out of the Caro cell panel and can be used as UV treated hot water(depending on feed water source)or be reprocessed a number of times through the Caro cell solar desalination panel.

What it does

CAROCELL, direct solar powered desalination technology, working at and am- bient temperature, heats the input water causing a vapor condensation change precluding all bacteria and pathogens, therefore eliminating all water borne diseases. Exposure to ultra violet light and extreme heat from solar energy through the advanced composite panel enhances the germ killing processes. Output water through this natural process is purified /desalinated to a level of 1-10ppm of(TDS) totally dissolved solids( sea water is measured at 35,000ppm TDS).

Benefits of using the system

The solar water purifiers only use the suns energy, there are no-moving parts, elec- tronics as its robust and easy to set up, low maintenance, and very low operation cost. 55-65 efficiency levels, as naturally purified water, with peak efficiencies over 80%.

Our Products


Wateroutput: 10L/day plus rainfall harvesting

Dimensions: 1110 x 2000mm

Suraface Area: 2.0M2

Weight: 15Kg


Wateroutput: 15L/day plus rainfall harvesting

Dimensions: 1110 x 2880mm

Suraface Area: 3.0M2

Weight: 17Kg


  • 10 – 20 Years
  • 2 Valuable sources of water ‘Pure Clean Drinking Water and UV Treated Hot Water”


  • Installation 10 -15 mins
  • Maintenance zero / minimal
  • No cleaning or washing needed
  • Easy simple operation
  • Gravity or pump feed


  • Advances technology
  • High efficiency rating
  • easy and simple to use
  • easy to operate


Our Approach

Small Scale and Localized Approach

Small Scale and Localized Approach

A single panel systems capable of producing 25 Litres per day of distilled drinking water. The simplest solution involves the user feeding dirty water with a bucket and collecting clean water after it has past through the system. Water would be supplied from a well, lake, river or any other contaminated water source.

Small Scale

Medium Scale

  • Villages (20+)
  • Schools (100+)
  • Medical facilities
  • Government buildings

5- 30 Panel systems capable of producing up to 125- 900 Litres of distilled drinking water per day. This system would be pressurised using solar pumps and collection tanks. Water would be supplied from the mains, well, river or any other contaminated water source.

Large Scale Water Farms

Large Scale Water Farms

Only limited by space, water volumes and requirements. A 500 panel farm can produce 13,000 litres per day. Larger farms could easily produce 50,000 litres per day. Water would be supplied from a river, lake, reservoir or any large contaminated water source.

Our Experience

F Cubed has installed its technology in over 20 countries worldwide and has recently expanded its representation globally with over 15 partner countries (and growing) including:

  • Asia – India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia
  • Africa – South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia
  • Middle East – UAE, Oman
  • Latin America – Mexico, Colombia
  • Oceania – Australia, French Polynesia

Asia has been the major focus of the business with over 5,000 panels installed to date.

A $50m climate fund project has been granted in Bangladesh.

Globally implementations have been primarily funded from governments and NGO’s and Charities such as the World Bank, UNDP, UNICEF, USAID, NZAID, ADB and many others.

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